Les Ateliers BriZepierre is an arts and crafts atelier hidden in the Alpilles region in the heart of Provence for the past fifteen years. The original founders, a cabinet-maker and an artist, have been joined by a second generation: Morgane, trained in luxury jewellery making at Christie’s, and Kilian Brisepierre, a mechanical engineer, who both bring the delicacy and finesse of Haute-Couture, to their creation.

The soul of the workshop is based on personal know-how and the innovative talent of each individual, whilst maintaining a common creative process : sublimating nature and the ancestral memory of wood.

Profoundly respectful of the environment, this creative family is aware of giving a second life to recycled material, a resolutely Wabi-Sabi procedure to bring out unique beauty.

The essence of rough and rare wood, with all the imperfections of cracking-gnarling and veins become filled with meaning when integrated with semi-precious metals. From this is born a collection of objects with distinct poetry, true interior ornaments for inspiring and living home interiors.