ESAJ Ecole Supérieure d’Architecture des Jardins, Paris
Harvard Extension School

Born in Casablanca where they spent their first years, Hervé and Pascaline then discover France at an early age never fully forgetting their nostalgia for a country that initiated their childhood dreams. Inspired by colours and smells, craftsmanship and contrasting landscape, they find an unending source of inspiration.

After having explored landscape design, and worked with industrial materials; his acute sense of observation, coupled with an intrinsic respect for nature, leads him to join his wife into the making of wooden objects.

“My expressive element is wood, portraying the life of the tree in its environment, its fibre that is sculptured by the wind, the sun and rain, the seasonal rhythms that solidify it and the occasional mishap, that hollows, flaws and shapes…»
The wealth of elements that inlay themselves into the wounds of the wood, reveal its hidden secrets and its faults that tell a tale, a journey.

Through enhancing all the possibilities of wood, and working with materials that reveal more and more; the artist never betrays it and is able to work an alchemy that is dear to philosophers: the passage from nature to culture.

For this art, which is unusual, emanates vibrancy and life revealing the search of art in so far as the origin of wood, and its current expression in our daily lives is concerned.

Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France
Centre Européen de Formations d’Artisans de Venise