Chic raw wood art, beautiful inlays inspired by wood fibers and story. These French artists created an innovative art by finding a balance between rough and precious, organic and mineral : Wood Jewellery.


Sculpted wooden Ball – Column – Cube – Egg – Stool – Wall panel whose design and piece are unique- Design becomes one-off art! With vision and desire the possibilities are endless.


The wealth of elements that inlay themselves into the wounds of the wood, reveal its hidden secrets and its faults that tell a tale, a journey. The viewer can, through this involved process, lose himself by looking at the details the artist has worked into each unique piece.

Conscious Art

Respectfull of the environment, they recycle a profusion of recovered, waste or old materials for which they offer a second destiny/transform into sculptural objects


Its element is wood – this piece BriZpierre work on evokes the tree’s life, its very own story through the very fibre that describes the turn of the wind, the sun, rain and the density of the seasons; the passing incidents of hollowing out and moulding of the trunk.

BriZepierre’s work invariably begins with this basic matter and undoubtedly fostered by an unending source of inspiration coming from the Artists’ childhood spent in Casablanca.

«A painter has an empty canvas before him, we have a living structure with knots, grain and irregularities – We try to bring out the best in the lay of the wood»

They simply work on a plank and follow the lines; its exuberance to inlay semi-precious stone, a variety of metal, gold leaf, exotic wood and many other quirky materials. It is an involvement with a whole other kind of art; trying to transform and set the remains of the past, hidden secrets and faults of wood, those that tell a tale, a journey.

By this richness, they have re-invented the art of inlay by re-activating it. It is by this vey contemporary intervention, through a certain freedom and creativity that we are touched by their work.

The natural Matter has been re-introduced into the human realm by the artist’s skillful and creative touch, that breathe Life Poetry and Sensuality into this work.